Love, love is a verb

Love is a doing word.

the books that you read were all I loved you for
North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK
Prydonian Academy - Gallifrey County Dublin IE
St. Aidan's County High School - Carlisle England - Cumbria UK (1998 - 2005)
University of Teesside - Middlesbrough England - North Yorkshire UK (2005 - 2008)
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24 hour party people, agora, alexandra moen, anne hathaway, ashes to ashes, astrology, batman, being human, bene gesserit, buffy, buzzcocks, callum blue, carlisle, catwoman, chanology, charlie brooker, christian bale, chuck, dangerous liasons, dark phoenix saga, darkplace, david tennant, dead like me, death becomes her, disney, dita von teese, doctor who, dune, feminism, firefly, george harrison, glee, grindhouse, harry potter, heroes, horror, hunter s thompson, inception, inglourious basterds, japan, john lennon, john simm, kingdom hearts, life on mars, lord of the rings, lost, marie antoinette, marvel, mindless self indulgence, movies, muse, music, nightwish, paul mccartney, phantom of the opera, phoenix, pride and prejudice, ribina, ringo star, rpg, sarah connor, sci fi, scully, secretary, sex and the city, shakespeare, shooting stars, singing in the rain, sleeping, smallville, snoopy, spaced, stardust, studio 54, tardis, terminator, the beatles, the doctor, the handmaids tale, the it crowd, the lonely island, the master, the matrix, the mighty boosh, true blood, vampires, vimto, wallace and gromit, watchmen, weebl and bob, weed, x-files, x-men
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